Sally Tripptree Artist

Artist's Statement


My body of work is an emotional response into ‘humanness’.

I make quietly; and within this space, abstract forms emerge – a voice to the

voiceless, documenting human fragility. The ebb and flow of human vibrations

and complexities creates the essence of rhythms, which I bring to the surface for survival.

My multi-media approach involves using words, sculpture, photography and conventional

drawing techniques. My exploration of different forms of mark-making engage

emotional responses to the narrative; alongside the bringing together of multiple surfaces through the building up of pigments, oil paints, stencilling, scratching and cutting.

This uncompromising abrasive approach allows me to connect and access deep juxtaposed human emotions, such as vulnerability, resilience, faith and death.


The immediacy of my emotional response is evidenced in the final form.

August 2019


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