2018 - New Directions


Drawing Down The Feminine

Bridport Arts Centre

February 3 - March 17 2018


Sally Tripptree




2018 sees a new direction for my work; and as an emerging artist,

I will be using opportunities to exhibit locally and outside of Cornwall, to take my art to a wider audience.

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Time spent making my current work is about emotional responses to the concept of ‘being’. I make quietly; and within this space, abstract forms emerge - a voice to the voiceless, documenting human fragility. The ebb and flow of human vibrations and complexities creates the essence of rhythms, which I bring to the surface for survival.

My making involves the use of conventional drawing techniques to engage my emotional responses to the narrative; alongside the bringing together of multiple surfaces through the building up of earth derived pigments, scratching and cutting.

This uncompromising abrasive approach allows me to connect and access deep juxtaposed human emotions, such as vulnerability, resilience, faith and death.

The immediacy of my emotional response is evidenced in the final form.





Realities and gaze shift when inspiration is taken from time, place and space.

The vibration, collision of worlds, feed my making.

Iona, Inner Hebrides


'...a thin placewhere only tissue paper separates the material from the spiritual.'

George Macleod, Founder of Iona Community.

Narberth Castle, Pembrokeshire


I visted Narberth Castle to connect with the First Branch of the Mabinogi, in which the mythical figure Rhiannon was imprisoned here and forced to carry travellers through the gates up a hill, as a penance for allegedly killing her son.

St Andrew's Church, Narberth, Pembrokeshire


This 13th century church which was remodelled in the 19th century, has a beautiful graveyard, which contains a watchful angel that I was drawn to because of an unusual energy.