2016 Series

Broken Man Series


Life Drawings

2016 Series


As an autodidactic artist I can identify brutal societal forces that drive my work. The theme 'emotional destruction of self' is fuelling my current making. Standing witness to such acts in my role as a nurse and social worker enable my work to serve as sites for mourning and memorial to both survivor and victim.

I apply the process of conventional life drawing to enagage and reconnect the self in close human observation. This practice embeds a rigourous discipline in my process, alongside the bringing together of multiple surfaces through layering, scratching and cutting.


This uncomprompromising abrasive approach allows me to connect and access deep juxtposed human emotions such as vulnerability, self-haterd and resilience. The immediacay of my internal voice is evidenced in the final form.

Broken Woman Series

Sweet Sixteen

Self Portraits

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