Sally Tripptree Multi Media Artist

Sally Tripptree

Multi-Media Artist

January 2021

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My ‘seeing light’ is ignited, the ebb and flow of human vibrations begin, life blood is connected, creating a rhythm that engages multi-media processes.

Each process, mindfully chosen, leads to a point of layered stratums, stepping away from a lone textual approach.

This unique processing leads to the emergence of a ‘humantomical’ narrative, arriving on the surface, speaking loudly with a sense of survival.

My ignited response is contextualised within both the how and the why of being in world, both at conscious and unconscious levels.

This ‘fuse ignition’ converts my ‘seeing’ through a whole-body response:-quiet, conscious and spiritually connected; in which divination is the energy.

My eco, intersectional feministic framework pushes my seeing and making, challenging constructs that are fuelled by a white male gaze.

My ‘seeing’ creates dilemmas and challenges for the viewer.

For some my work is difficult, painful, shocking, and unacceptable; because my uncompromising approach connects and accesses deep juxtaposed emotions, such as vulnerability, resilience, abuse, love, life, loss, and death.

The immediacy of my emotional response is evidenced in the final form, serving as an ‘humantomical’ memorial.

I deliver myself in this world as an artist and a practising social worker, seeking out influences around me and drawing upon strong creative voices, such as engagement with the London Drawing Group, The Big Art Herstory Project, Black Blossoms and icons such as Gentileschi, Klint, Le Guin, Spero, Emin, Kiki Smith and Leibovitz.

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