Sally Tripptree Multidisciplinary Artist


Sally Black & White
Sally Shadow 1
Sally Shadow 2
Green Shed
Pink Wedding

As I position myself in an unassuming way in the world, my seeing light is ignited by curiosity - the ebb and flow of human vibrations begin, life blood is connected out of a visionary state, rhythms engage and the creation through a multi-media process begins.

Each process is mindfully driven, leading to a point of layered stratums - stepping away from a lone technical approach into a complex and sequential memorial; and unique processing leads to the emergence of a human narrative that speaks loudly with a sense of survival.

This ‘fuse ignition’ converts my ‘seeing’ through a whole-body response: - quiet, conscious, and spiritually connected; in which curiosity is the vitality and dynamism that contextualises the how and the why of ‘being’ at conscious and unconscious levels.

My ‘seeing’ creates dilemmas and challenges for the viewer.

For some, my work is difficult, painful, shocking, and unacceptable; because my uncompromising approach connects and accesses deep juxtaposed emotions, such as vulnerability, resilience, abuse, love, life, loss and death. The immediacy of my emotional response is evidenced in the final form, serving as a testament to human suffering and endurance and beyond; and my intersectional feministic framework pushes my seeing and making, challenging constructs that are fuelled by a white male gaze.

My work is primarily driven by emotion, but it is mutually socio-political and aesthetically autonomous in its nature, because the subject matter communicates an experience beyond discursive language and subjugates convention and its incompatibility with my creativity.

Cellular Rising Picture sally tripptree taking flight

Cellular Rising

Taking flight into the golden portal – alignment, awakened, rebirthed

Divine Feminine

Thoughtful Gaze

Into courage, into ecstasy,

into golden light…

you are the Divine